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Winter Tires

Winter Tires in Orleans, ON

Looking for the best winter tires for trucks? Or the best winter tires for SUVs? For station wagons, for hatchbacks, for luxury two-doors, or any other passenger car? Precision Automotive can help you pick the best winter tires for your vehicle.

If you live in the Ottawa region, you know winters can be harsh here. Cold temperatures, icy roads, and snowfall after snowfall make driving on anything other than winter-rated tires a risky and often unpleasant endeavour. At Precision Automotive, we can help you pick the perfect winter tires for your vehicle.

The best winter tires in Orleans, Ontario

If you want to buy winter tires somewhere near you in Orleans, Precision Automotive can help. We offer a wide range of models and brands of winter tire and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about snow tires.

We aim to serve the drivers of Orleans with the perfect tires for all weather conditions, so of course we offer snow tires.Winters have the right rubber compounds and tread blocks for snowy and freezing conditions.

Do you really need winter tires in winter?

Some drivers try to use all-season tires throughout the winter, but at Precision Automotive, we advise against this. All-season tires begin to lose their ability to grip the road in temperatures as mild as seven degrees Celsius. Given this, you can probably imagine how little traction they can give you at negative seven. That’s why it’s prudent to switch to winter tires when the cold weather hits.

What makes snow tires the best for winter driving?

Winter tires have sturdy rubber compounds, the right tread designs and tread patterns, and siping to give you the traction you need, even in extreme cold. It’s important to buy the right snow tire for your vehicle, though. The best winter tire for a truck may not be the best for aluxury sedan, for example.

Whether your vehicle is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive can also affect your choice of winter tire. At Precision Automotive, our technicians can recommend the perfect winter tires for you.

What about all-weather tires?

In contrast to all-season tires, all-weathers are actually rated for winter driving. You can tell if a tire is suitable for winter driving if it has the snowflake pictogram on it. All-weathers bear this symbol, so they’re safe for winter driving, though they may not offer all the specific features that some winter tires provide.

Find winter tires near you at Precision Automotive in Orleans, ON.

If you’re looking for best winter tires for a truck, SUV, compact, minivan, or any other passenger vehicle, and you’re inOrleans, Precision Automotive can help. We carry a wide range of brands of winter tire from which you can choose.

You can peruse all the brands of tires we have for sale in Orleans here. To book an appointment to have winter tires installed on your vehicle, or for any other of our many automotive services, please click here. To learn more about winter tires, or about our other available tires or services, please contact us via our website or give us a call at613-841-5550

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