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Summer Tires and Performance Tires in Cumberland, ON

Just as Canada gets extremely cold, the summers can get pretty hot! It is important that you make sure your vehicle is equipped with the right tires needed for you and your family to commute to and from as comfortably and safely as you can. With that in mind, you should ensure you change your car tires that are appropriate for the season.

Summer Tires and Performance Tires

“Should I get summer tires?” Here is why you should get summer tires?

It’s often thought that summer tires aren’t a must-have like winter tires are. However, just like winter tires, summer tires are made precisely for the hot, humid weather and conditions of summer. They have rubber materials that are firm enough to improve responsiveness, handling, and braking in hot conditions during the summer, unlike winter tires.

Can I use winter tires in the summer?

The winter tires on your car will be placed under more strain if you drive in temperatures over 7 degrees Celsius, hence you need to change from winter tires when the weather starts to warm up, usually in the spring. Tire rubber produces a lot of friction when it encounters the hot, dry pavement, and there’s nothing you can do about it, but drive with the most appropriate tires- all-seasons or summer tires.

Can I get summer tires in Cumberland, Ontario?

Of course! Stop by our shop at 385 Vantage Drive, Orleans, ON. Our technicians are waiting and ready to help you with all your summer tire and car maintenance needs. You can also give us a call or book an appointment today!

Summer Tires VS All Season Tires

Summer tires are designed to provide exceptional road traction regardless ofhow hot, humid, or excessively raining it is outside. They are constructed of a tread compound that contains sticky additives for wet road traction. However, this tread combination offers enough rigidity to ensure that tires stand up and keep their form when the heat is on. On heated pavement, this type of tire reduces rolling resistance.

If you are looking for summer tires in Cumberland, ON, Precision Automotive is the place to go. We have the highest quality tires and trained technicians ready to get you going.

What if I use winter tires in summer?

Using winter tires in the summer might cause the rubber and tread to wear out more rapidly than it would otherwise. The heat might increase the likelihood of a blowout occurring. Because winter tires do not grip as efficiently as summer or all-season tires in warm, rainy weather, the danger of hydroplaning rises as a result of this.

If summer tires in Cumberland, Ontario is what you’re looking for there’s no need to look any further! We offer all of the most recognized tire brands in stock, as well as highly qualified experts that are eager to get your vehicle ready for the summer! We are so delighted to finally meet you! Call us at 613-841-5550 or use our online scheduling system to schedule an appointment.

Our team is also ready to handle any tire alignment, air conditioning, car batteries, brakes, exhaust, oil change, steering, vehicle inspection, diagnostics, and transmission needs. Come in and see us for any of your vehicle maintenance of repair needs!

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