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Pre-Purchase and Provincial Inspections in Avalon

Exposed to extreme heat, cold, stress, vibration, weight and force, eventually even the best vehicle will require some form of mechanical repair.

When that inexplicable noise or sensation pops up, or one of your vehicle systems just isn’t performing the way it should, Precision Automotive in Avalon is ready and equipped to diagnose exactly where the problem rests, and how to best address it.

General Mechanical Inspection

Overall vehicle maintenance inspection. Includes basic inspection of routine maintenance inspection points, as well as full check of brakes, steering & suspension, battery & electrical, tune-up, cooling system, exhaust and driveline check.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Includes basic MVIS Ontario Safety inspection, coupled with comprehensive maintenance check and vehicle evaluation.

Ideal for used vehicle purchases. Determines whether vehicle meets safety standards, as well as provides good insight into upcoming maintenance, repairs, and overall vehicle condition. Includes Ontario Safety Certificate, valid for 36 days.

Schedule your vehicle inspection at Precision Automotive.

Ontario Safety Check

This type of inspection entails:

  • Inspection of vehicle to verify compliance with the Highway Traffic Act.
  • Required in the province of Ontario for ownership transfer of applicable motor vehicles.
  • Includes issuance of safety certificate, valid for 36 days from the date of issue.
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