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Air Condition Repair Near Me in Nepean, ON

Although Canada is predominately a cold country, the summers can get really hot! This is why we believe it is important to ensure your car’s air conditioning is always working properly.

It is also important to keep the other components of your automobile cool. To move your car forward, the engine of a typical four-cylinder automobile creates around 4,000 blasts each minute. These blasts produce tremendous temperatures, which may be exceedingly costly without a working cooling system.

How to Know if My Car AC Needs to Repair

  • Having inconsistent cooling throughout your vehicle’s vents indicates that your refrigerant level is low. It’s also possible that the decreasing refrigerant levels are the result of a leak somewhere in the system. As a result, you should contact your mechanic as soon as possible about the situation.
  • If your air conditioner isn’t working, the next most obvious warning indicator is strange sounds. If you switch on your air conditioner and notice a rattling or slamming sound, it’s possible that your unit is clogged with leaves or other debris. It’s also possible that the main component is worn out and on the verge of breaking.

Getting your air conditioner checked out if you’re asking, “Why is my car AC leaking?” is a good idea. In addition to low pressure in your AC unit, the actual draining of coolant around your car might be a symptom of a leak. Nevertheless, the majority of leaks are very tiny and difficult to detect. Other, more significant issues might arise as a result of leaks. If you suspect a leak, schedule an appointment with our vehicle air conditioning repair shop as soon as possible.

How to keep my air conditioning working well?

  • Once a week, defrost your air conditioner for 10 minutes on the coldest setting and with the greatest fan speed possible, according to the manufacturer. This helps to maintain gas pressure, keep your blower running smoothly, eliminate moisture, and prevent mildew from forming. For example, in the winter, you may use your air conditioning to remove humidity from the air and easily defog the window glass.
  • Cabin air filters that are clogged restrict proper airflow. Check your filter on a regular basis and clean or replace it if necessary.
  • The cooling system should be refilled with gas and oil every two years.
  • Keep your car’s air conditioning in good working order by scheduling regular maintenance with us at Precision Automotive.

Can I get a car AC repair in Nepean, ON near me?

Of course, you can! Our team is excited to get your car’s AC repaired! We take pride in doing our best to ensure our customers are comfortable and safe as they drive along the busy roads. Visit us at 385 Vantage Drive, Orleans ON, for all your car ac repairs in Nepean Ontario.

There’s no need to be sweating continuously every time you take a drive!

To learn more about our AC repair services in Nepean, Ontario, you can also give us a call at 613-841-550 or book an appointment online!

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