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All Season Tires in Canada

All-Season Tires in Nepean, Canada

If you’re somebody who doesn’t like to change their vehicle’s tires with each passing season, you should consider all-season tires. These tires offer reliable performance throughout multiple months of the year.

If you’re looking for the best all-season tires for an SUV, light truck, or passenger car, Precision Automotive can help. We sell a variety of high-quality all-season tires at our shop in Nepean, Ontario. But what are the benefits of all-season tires?

The Advantages of All-Season Tires

Many Canadian drivers like all-season tires because they provide good performance in different weather conditions. All-season tires were first sold in the 1970s. To engineer tires that are suitable for multiple seasons, manufacturers had to sacrifice some attributes of winter and summer tires. What they created was a tire that offered good handling and reliable stopping throughout different seasons.

All-season tires perform well on both hot, dry roads as well as on wet, cool roads. When driving on all-season tires, you don’t have to worry about muddy spring streets, hot summer roads, or wet autumn leaves. However, while all-seasons perform well in cool temperatures, there is a limit. Once the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius, you would be best served by switching to winter or all-weather tires.

All-season tires do not equal all-weather tires.

According to some figures, as many as 49% of Canadian drivers try to use all-seasonsthroughout winter. At Precision Automotive, we advise against this. Freezing, and even just cold temperatures can cause the rubber compounds in all-season tires to stiffen, and this reduces their handling and stopping capabilities.

Winter tires are engineered with specific rubber compounds and have tread designs and patterns to help them provide traction on cold roads. This is also the case for all-weather tires, which are embossed with the snowflake pictograph. This symbol represents suitability for driving in Canadian winters.

All-season tires or summer tires?

Both all-season and summer tires havethe right designs and tread patterns to provide excellent traction on dry roads and for stopping quickly. Some drivers find that summer tires are slightly better at providing traction for sharp turns and handling when the pavement has been heated up by the summer sun, but this is not something that all driversnotice.

The choice between all-season and summer tires comes down to personal preference. It’s not the same dynamic as with snow tires, which is a matter of safety. For the highest performance possible, some drivers prefer to switch to summer tires when the temperature heats up. But all-season tires are perfectly acceptable for summer driving.

Find all-season tires near you at Precision Automotive in Nepean, ON.

If you’re looking for the best all-season tires for a truck, SUV, luxury sedan, hatchback, minivan, or any other passenger vehicle, and you’re in Nepean, Precision Automotive can help. We carry a wide range of brands of all-season tire from which you can choose.

You can peruse all the brands we have for sale, all-season and otherwise, here. To book an appointment to have all-season tires installed on your vehicle, or for any other of our many automotive services, please click here.

To learn more about all-season tires, or about our other available tires or services, please contact us via our website or give us a call at 613-841-5550

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