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Brake System Maintenance In Orleans, ON

Are you hearing strange sounds? A metallic grinding, for instance, or feeling unusual vibrations? Does your brake pedal have too much play? When applied, are your brakes less responsive and causing your vehicle to swerve?


These signs may indicate that the shoes on your drum brakes or pads on your disc brakes are most likely worn out and are no longer completely safe. Rather than losing control of your vehicle, call Precision Automotive in Orleans and have one of our professionals verify the integrity of your braking system.

Brakes: Replacement vs. Repair

As with all repairs at Precision Automotive, we pride ourselves on ensuring our clients get the most out of their maintenance budget.

With annual servicing, quality brake parts can last up to 30% longer. Your brake concern may not mean replacement.

At Precision Automotive, we will recommend the brake service or replacement that will give our clients the best value for their dollar.

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